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It Wasn’t Anybody’s Fault… Or Was It?

It’s an instinct for many to blame a trip or slip on “nobody” since it couldn’t possibly be anyone’s fault. But that’s not the legal reality. If you’re on someone else’s property and you slip and fall, there’s a strong chance that the property owner is at fault and liable for your injuries.

Attorney Tim Rowe, of , has nearly 40 years of experience pursuing compensation for injured people in Tampa and Naples. Slip-and-fall cases are always complex, but with his skill, your claim is in good hands. He’ll listen to you about your accident and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

A Slip And Fall Can Happen Anywhere

Often slip and falls happen in places such as grocery stores or other public spaces that may have wet floors. They can also occur on private property, such as at a neighbor’s pool. In these cases, you’ll likely feel much more comfortable pursuing a claim against a grocery store rather than a neighbor.

However, in neither case are you pursuing the person directly – despite what the paperwork may say. Your fight is with an insurance company that does not respect your claim or injury. You deserve to fight as hard as you can.

Document Everything

The number one thing that everyone should do after an accident is to see a doctor. That doctor will look at you physically and ensure your health. It will also begin the legal paper trail that will clarify your eventual case.

Always get treated. Always keep records. Your injury may have been an accident; it might have been a complete and total low-probability chain of actions. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve compensation to recover from your injury.

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