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The Sudden Tragedy Of A Pedestrian Accident

Few things are more tragic than when a leisurely bike or walk ends in a car accident. The accident victim is often in serious condition, requiring extensive medical treatment. The resulting bills can devastate you financially, and insurers will always resist helping.

At , attorney Tim Rowe has built a reputation as a fighter for injured folks across Tampa and Naples. He’s tenacious, detail-oriented and, with 38 years of experience, he’s well-prepared for your case. He will listen to you about your accident, explain the legal circumstances and work hard as your advocate.

Distractions And Bad Habits Lead To Devastation

Drivers develop many bad habits throughout their driving lives and are a contributing reason for so many accidents. These habits can involve:

  • Texting while driving
  • Rolling through stops
  • Ignoring crosswalk laws
  • Driving aggressively near bikes

These actions are some of the leading causes of distractions and bad-decision making behind the wheel. While dangerous for drivers, it leaves pedestrians in the most difficult position because they don’t have the benefit of a car’s many protections.

As more and more technology is introduced, it becomes easier for people to get distracted from driving. This means that pedestrian accidents have become even more common.

How An Attorney Can Help

When you turn to a lawyer, you can count on the legal understanding of the situation. However, because lawyers so frequently deal with car and pedestrian accidents, they can offer some insight into the practical challenges you face. They can talk to you about how to secure medical treatment and long-term care. They can help you gather the information you need to make a successful claim. They can do many things you wouldn’t expect.

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