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Fighting For You From Start To Finish

What many people don’t know about the law is how impersonal it can be. Even when it’s something as highly personal as suffering from an injury and needing help, the law can treat you like a number. You need an attorney who won’t.

Attorney Timothy Rowe has developed a reputation as a fighter in and out of the courtroom for his clients from Tampa and Naples. He works directly with his clients from the beginning to the end of their personal injury matters. He’ll talk to you, get to know you, and show you how he’ll fight for what you deserve.

Learn more about his background and dedication by reading his bio below:

Of counsel:

38 Years Of Personal Injury Experience

For nearly four decades, at , Attorney Rowe has been an active, assertive advocate for people facing personal injury matters of all kinds. He has successfully pursued compensation for people facing such issues as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: including car crashes and motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents: including bicycle accidents and other pedestrians hit by cars
  • Premises liability accidents: including slips and falls and dog bites

You are at risk for significant injuries and devastating financial consequences in each of these cases. You’ll have a hard time fighting with insurance for the care you deserve because they won’t treat you as an injured person but as a problem to be solved.

You’re Not The Problem

The way the personal injury and insurance industry treats people needing help is ridiculous. It supposes you understand all the intricacies of the law, the ins and out of Florida’s fault statutes, and have the time to fight every obstacle.

That’s why clients turn to Tim Rowe. He has, time and again, let his clients know he’s there for them by answering questions and fighting for what they need. He’s advocated and fought insurers for every cent his clients deserve.

A Hard Job Done The Right Way

Fighting for the compensation injured people deserve isn’t easy, but attorney Rowe relishes doing his job and doing it well. It is his pleasure to fight for clients in need. Reach out for a free consultation by calling 813-706-3703 or using this online form.